Definition of painting

By the forces of the universe, the hand of Angèle Sevin is guided in form and color of the stroke of the brush handling fragments. Every color, every shape, every equation in the paint will work neurons to make disappear the shadow areas that clutter the psyche for years.

Who wouldn't be in the current psychology put years of working together to find a way to a sensory extra opening for every human being. The painting is an essential element for that through his inner self to find all issues of health, love and mutual respect.

After each stage of transmission of light, a result happens in the life of every day. Radiation occurs unexpectedly, by dreams, where events and this between the instant moment where the energy of light invaded the subconscious of the person.

In regard to health, the energies will work at the level of neurons of the pineal gland that regulates the nervous system, and also on the broken psyche; Thus manifest huge benefits, thereby helping you for incessant questioning.

In this way, in-depth work subsists in the unconscious and transforms the person in a few months only but in current psychology, would put years of collective work. With special monitoring the person stands on it own.

Full message of light guides (do not take into account possible misspellings)